DocLock 2.1

DocLock lets you lock and password-protect files and folders
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As the name suggests, DocLock is a program which focuses on protecting documents. Unlike other programs of this type, it doesn’t create encrypted drives, but instead it offers a handier and more reliable solution: it hides passwords inside images.

Anyway, if you have a laptop and want to protect the data it contains, it would be indeed easier to use a whole-disk encryption solution than to secure every document. With your entire drive encrypted, a laptop thief can’t gain access to your programs or data.

The default installation of DocLock offers a 30 day trial version. The main window provides quick access to the main actions supported by this software: lock a file, unlock a file, manage passwords and delete a file securely.

To lock one or more files or folders you can simply drag them to the lock window or you can right-click a file and choose this option from the submenu. The program gives you the option to create portable locked files – in this case, docLock will generate a self-decrypting executable file which can be easily send/transferred to another computer.

To unlock a file is just as easy as locking it. You can right-click and choose from the menu or drag it onto the unlock window. Also, you can unlock multiple files at once as long as they have the same password. If they don’t, the software will unlock those that match and proceed with the rest, as long as the right passwords are provided. DocLock includes a variety of options suitable for experienced users and beginners alike. The program includes an option to automatically wipe the original files after every successful lock operation and lets you choose the time spent for compressing encrypted files.

All in all, if you want to protect your private documents and don’t have the knowledge required for other, more advanced and complicated programs, then docLock will get the job done in a nice and simple way.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • User friendly
  • Generates passwords and hides them into photos
  • Can automatically wipe originals after encryption


  • Self-decrypting portable locked files may leave traces on other computers
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